Posted on Dec 19, 2018

Axis Insurance Services, LLC

Another very dangerous phishing scam has appeared and has now started targeting CEO’s and other high-ranking officers. The new phishing scam involves using pornographic videos to essentially bully the officers into complying with their demands or face public persecution.

Like most phishing attempts, it begins with an email. Using social engineering, hackers use the information gathered to send emails to potential victims. This time however, their messages have something more valuable. They send emails claiming that they have your current passwords and state that if you do not reply, they will release this password. This is in fact a trap, because the moment the victim replies, they end up giving the hacker exactly what they want. They then send an email saying that they now have full access to your files and will start sending pornographic material unless the ransom, which in most cases is bitcoin, is paid. This is for certain, a form of cyber extortion.

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